Leadership Online Series


16 Julho, 2021 - 21:00 WEST (GMT+1)



Lisboa, Portugal

Ophthalmology and Leadership

A whole doctor has ever embraced roles and competencies beyond clinical knowledge.

Encompassing a multidisciplinary and interprofessional intricate network challenged to meet increasing societal expectations, an increasing number of physicians may wonder about their professional identity.

To honor our ancient social accountability, we should go beyond our clinical discipline. Learning how to lead our full collaboration within the organizations we work with, how we relate with our peers and the whole organizational fabric, how we assess and steer our professional path, how we can best mentor our residents and peers becomes part of a leadership culture environment.

While surfing these challenging pandemic times, the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology is launching an online series of lectures on topics pertaining to leadership.

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Come and join us! Stay tuned for further important information.

On behalf of the CEU-SPO Executive Team,
Helena Prior Filipe, MD, MMEd


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