Regulations for awarding grants from the SPO's incentive program for clinical research

  1. The Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology, through its Section Portuguese Research Group (GPI), intends to establish financial and structural support for clinical research projects developed in partnership between several national ophthalmic centers (at least 3).
  2. The pecuniary support will be determined annually by the SPO board and is allocated gradually, preferably in the form of support services for submission, fundraising, resolution of the bureaucratic process of implementation in the various research centers, conducting and analyzing results following a selection process, according to the following rules:
    • The deadline for applications is September 30th at 23.59 (Lisbon time)
    • Submissions must be made via the form at:
    • The objective of the grant is to create the conditions to make the project scientifically and financially autonomous and not to promote its full funding
    • Clinical research projects resulting from partnerships between at least 3 national clinical centers (of the ophthalmology area) can apply, not being excluded additional presence in the partnership of international centers or other scientific areas. The 3 national clinical centers must be independent of each other - a clinical center and an academic center linked to the same institution only count as one center.
    • Research projects with a maximum duration of 3 years will be accepted.
    • Applications must be submitted on the Clinical Research Section portal by 23.59 (Lisbon time) on September 30th of each year:
      • Applicant's name
      • Candidate contact (email and phone)
      • Project Title
      • Project area
      • Institutions where the project will take place (coordinator and partners)
      • Principal Investigator's Resume;
      • Project goals (200 words maximum);
      • Detailed description of the project (including material and methods);
      • Sample Calculation or Required Sample Expected
      • Results obtained previously (if it is an ongoing project);
      • Project timing;
      • Description of skills of the researcher or team of researchers (clarify the role of the proposer in the various stages of the project);
      • The way in which the team's knowledge enables the achievement of objectives
      • Financial plan of the research project (this plan should be as detailed as possible with financial information for Missions, Human Resources, Goods and Services, Dissemination, and other parameters you think relevant; it should be specified in each field what the funding is for. Indicate if previous funding has been obtained or if there are ongoing applications). Funding dedicated to human resources may be contemplated if justified, as a provision of services (example: software development). There can be no funding for working hours of researchers or people directly involved in the project
      • Contingency plan (steps designed to overcome unsuccessful or delayed steps)
      • Institutional conditions to realize the project (equipment, human resources, infrastructure);
      • Ethics committee approval (may be submitted later)
      • Curricular summary of the co-responsible co-investigators (1 for each partner institution; SPO members).
      • List how many publications are planned and what are the content/project objectives thought for each one
      • Most relevant publications made by the proposed team related to the scope of the project
      • Abstract (maximum 500 words; this abstract must be easily understood by sponsors/general public, and will be taken into account for the final valuation of the project; it must have the fields Introduction, Objective, Relevance)
      • All the above points are mandatory
  3. Payment method: SPO will make the transfer of amounts after written statement that the respective invoice will be sent to SPO within 30 days. Invoices must always be issued with SPO's VAT number (501364676). Invoices must be sent to
  4. In exceptional cases, the invoice may be issued in the name of a hospital or university, if this is justified by the fact that the amount payable for a good or service is lower because it is contracted by a hospital or university
  5. Oral presentation of the project: the applications considered by the jury as potential winners of the scholarship will have to be presented orally at the national congress of the same year. Candidates will be contacted in due time with the schedule for their presentation. This presentation will take place on the first day of the congress, Thursday, and the winning applications will be announced at the congress gala dinner. These times may be adjusted whenever the Board deems it necessary.
  6. The use of national or international databases already existing within the scope of societies will be valued
  7. The delivery of the grant will be formalized through a protocol with the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigators.
  8. The winning project must submit annual follow-up reports and a final report, which will monitor the development of the project, as well as the needs and type of support to be provided at each stage. These reports must be submitted by December 1st of each year for the duration of the grant to
  9. It is mandatory to include in all documents produced with the results of the project a mention, in the acknowledgements and sponsorships, to the "Incentive Program for Clinical Research of the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology
  10. The constitution of the Jury will be established by the direction of SPO after a joint proposal elaborated with SIC, and will be presided by the President of SPO.
  11. It is up to the Jury President to schedule the Jury meeting, which will analyze the applications according to the following criteria:
    • Scientific merit of the project;
    • Institutional conditions for the realization of the project;
    • Impact on improving health care in ophthalmology;
    • Merit of the scientific background of the principal investigator and co-investigators
    • Quality of the expected scientific indicators (namely Master's and Doctoral theses and creation of patents)
    • Merit of the composition of the established multicenter network, namely in its capacity for project implementation and dissemination of clinical research in Ophthalmology
  12. The Jury's decisions will be made by majority vote and there will be no appeal. In the event of a tie, the President has a casting vote.
  13. The selected applications will be announced at the national congress in December of the same year, with the scholarship starting in the following calendar year