Support for research projects


The Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology intends to establish a financial and structural support to Clinical Research projects developed in partnership between several national ophthalmic centers.

These projects must involve three national ophthalmology centers, with monetary support being awarded gradually and preferably in the form of support services for submission, fundraising, resolution of the bureaucratic process of implementation in the various research centers, conduct and analysis of results.

The purpose of the grant is to create the conditions to make the project scientifically and financially autonomous and not to promote its full funding. Clinical research projects resulting from partnerships between at least three national clinical centers (in the area of ophthalmology) are eligible for application; the additional presence of international centers in the partnership is not a condition for exclusion.

Research projects with a duration of 3 years will be accepted.

For this year, the SPO has decided to support up to 3 clinical research projects with financial support of up to 20000€.

The deadline for applications is September 30 23:59 Lisbon time. Selected applications will be announced at the national congress in December of the same year, with the scholarship starting in the following calendar year.



See here the regulation in the Statutes and Regulations Section of SPO


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