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September highlight:

Intraocular Lens' Own Choice by Portuguese Ophthalmologists

Cataract surgery has seen a marked evolution in recent years and is now accompanied by significant refractive concerns. In addition to this, there is a growing tendency for patients to seek independence from glasses in their activities of daily living.

The selection of the intraocular lens (IOL) is therefore considered a key point in cataract surgery and the development of different types of lenses has made it possible to bring surgical results closer to patients' needs. However, despite the different options available to us, we know that in certain situations we may encounter unwanted effects associated with IOLs that compromise the refractive result and limit their use by ophthalmologists.

With the diversity of options available, we were curious to analyze the preferences of the ophthalmologists themselves with regard to the selection of the IOL in their eventual cataract surgery, thus placing them in the role of patient.

To this end, we invite all colleagues to take part in an online questionnairewhich is anonymous and lasts approximately five minutes.

Author: Mariana Domingues Vaz - Garcia de Orta Hospital